Trex Decking Installation

Trex Decking Installation

A Trex deck building service provides comprehensive design and construction of Trex composite decks, including site preparation, foundation installation, and the assembly of the deck. It includes the acquisition of necessary permits, customization options for design and finishes, and the installation of durable, low-maintenance Trex decking boards for a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor space.

About the Service

At Centennial Custom Decks, we specialize in designing and building Trex decks that not only elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor living space but also offer unparalleled durability and low maintenance. Our expertise lies in transforming your vision into a tangible outdoor experience, tailored specifically to the unique style and functional needs of your home. Trex decking, recognized for its eco-friendly composite materials, stands out in the decking industry for its long-lasting beauty and resilience against the elements, making it an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a sustainable yet stylish decking solution.

The appeal of Trex decking lies in its high-performance composite material, which is made from a blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic film. This innovative material choice not only contributes to the sustainability of the product but also ensures that your deck remains resistant to fading, staining, scratching, and mold, guaranteeing a vibrant and inviting outdoor space for years to come. Unlike traditional wood decking, Trex decks require minimal maintenance, freeing homeowners from the yearly hassle of sanding, staining, and sealing, and allowing more time to enjoy outdoor living with peace of mind.

Centennial Custom Decks takes pride in its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering not just a deck, but a durable and beautiful extension of your home that enhances your outdoor lifestyle. We understand the climatic challenges of our market region and design Trex decks that are not only visually appealing but also engineered to withstand the specific weather conditions of the area, ensuring durability and longevity.

What’s included?

When you choose Centennial Custom Decks for your Trex decking project, you're investing in a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of deck construction, from conceptual design to the final touches. Here's what you can expect when you work with us:

Consultation and Design: Our process begins with a personalized consultation to understand your vision, preferences, and the functional requirements of your outdoor space. Our designers then craft a custom design plan, incorporating your ideas with our expertise to create the perfect deck for your home.

Permitting and Approval: We manage all the necessary permits and approvals required for your decking project, ensuring that all construction complies with local building codes and regulations.

Material Selection: We provide detailed information on the range of Trex decking products, including colors and finishes, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your deck to match your home's aesthetic.

Construction: Our team of experienced builders brings the design to life, using precision and care to construct a deck that is both structurally sound and beautifully finished. We prioritize safety and quality at every step, ensuring a seamless and efficient construction process.

Final Inspection and Clean-Up: Upon completion, we conduct a thorough inspection of the deck to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. We also ensure a complete clean-up of the construction site, leaving your outdoor space ready to enjoy.

Warranty and Support: Centennial Custom Decks stands behind its work with a robust warranty, offering peace of mind and support long after the project is completed.

By choosing Centennial Custom Decks for your Trex decking project, you're selecting a partner dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and beauty ensures that your outdoor living space will be a source of enjoyment and pride for years to come.

Services reviews

Cynthia Diaz
Denver, CO

Our experience with Centennial Custom Decks has been overwhelmingly positive. We've worked with Greg twice on construction of decks on two different houses. Each time it was a positive experience. Communication with was prompt and clear. The contract we received was detailed and well-written. Costs were as stated. Customer service is outstanding and always courteous and respectful. Excellent quality of carpentry.'Chad is a master craftsman. We needed to make some minor adjustments to the deck a year after completion due to an issue not related to their work. Rather than referring us to someone else for this smaller job, they performed the repair just as professionally and courteously as they did on the initial installation.

Chris Lottman
Greenwood Village, CO

We hired Centennial Custom Decks to help us replace the old deck on our house. These guys are as professional as it gets. Greg and Justin were fantastic to work with, both the construction to the communication. We were never out of the loop, and always knew what to expect. Our new deck looks amazing. We are so grateful for them.

Otis Drury
Centennial, CO

Our project was recently finished and I must say we could not be more pleased. Greg and his crew led by Seth was pleasant, professional and attentive to every detail. Our project required some creativity which was no problem. It was so easy to do business with Greg. I highly recommend Centennial Custom Decks and would not hesitate to use Greg in the future for any project.

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