Decks extend the livable space of your home and are ideal for hosting parties, grill-outs, or even doing amateur science experiments with the kids on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you’re looking to spend a lot of time on your deck, you want it to be accommodating, comfortable, and fun. There are many ways to upgrade the standard deck from built-in storage to the latest grill, but lighting is one of the quickest ways to transform the ambiance of your deck and entire outdoor space.

High-quality lighting can bring a new dimension to your deck and can be used for creating an atmosphere at a party, allowing you to see what’s going on around your deck at night, and creating a different and fun environment. Let’s review types of outdoor lighting, the technical side of outdoor lighting, and where to go for ideas. Lights on your deck can light up the party.

Types of Deck Lighting

  • Perimeter Lighting: As the name implies, this style of deck lighting runs along the perimeter of the deck. This lighting can be fastened to deck or handrails, or around the deck’s structural elements. This can provide a fresh atmosphere to your deck and outdoor area. You can also place floodlights on nearby landscaping in combination with perimeter lighting for a great outdoor space.
  • Privacy-Screen Lighting: Lighting along the tops or bottoms of privacy screens. Provides ambient lighting to the whole deck and can make your deck apparent to arriving party-goers or visitors.
  • Sconce-Lighting: Lights can be concealed in structural elements, eaves, coves, and other areas to shield the source of light but allow the ambiance to shine through. Sconce-lighting creates a clean look but can usually only be accomplished by deck professionals.
  • Custom Lighting: The good news about deck lighting is that there are no set rules or regulations. If you like it and its practical – you can have it installed on your deck. Creating a custom deck lighting project takes the help of a deck professional.

Deck Lighting Options

Years ago, you only had a few energy-sucking outdoor lighting options, but that has changed with new lighting technologies. These are the most popular types of outdoor lights.

  • LED Lights: LED is not a new technology, but it has recently transformed the lighting industry. LEDs are efficient, bright, and go years without needing a change. LEDs are a great option for any deck lighting installation.
  • Solar Lights: LED lights are environmentally-friendly but solar lights are even more so since they only use the energy of the sun to light up your deck. They are very easy to install but do your math and make sure you have enough for ample illumination.

Can I Install Lighting Elements Myself?

If you’re not messing around with electrical components, many DIY-minded homeowners can install lighting elements on decks themselves. Pick up the proper fasteners that will minimize damage to the deck and lighting elements and work carefully from a design or drawn-out plan.

Large-scale deck light installations or complex lighting installations, especially those involving adding electrical components, should only be handled by a deck professional. A large-scale or high-end lighting design takes years of training to plan, install, and make your deck look great.

Getting Ideas

The internet is filled with great ideas, instructions, and step-by-step DIY guides to turning your dark deck into a lit paradise. Don’t guess if you’re doing a DIY install – use these resources! Try typing ‘outdoor lighting ideas’ or ‘deck lighting ideas,’ and you’ll be set up with hundreds of potential ideas and resources.

Lighting is a quick and easy way to add a whole new dimension to your deck and outdoor space. Make sure you choose the right type of lighting and the right type of light and use a professional if you want a large-scale installation. Lights on your deck are one of the best ways to make your deck the life of the home.