If you want a quick way to add livable space to your home – you need a deck. Decks provide opportunities for grilling, parties, or simply catching some sleep on a sunny afternoon. If you’re ready to build a deck, you need to choose what material to build it from. There are several choices, but there’s one that stands out. Let’s review seven reasons why wood should be at the top of your list.

Seven Reasons to Consider Wood Decks

You Can’t Beat the Beauty of Wood

Of all available building materials, wood is arguably the most beautiful. Wood is timeless, comes in many varieties, and makes for a gorgeous deck. Composites and plastic decks have their benefits, but they look artificial and aren’t considered elegant by any means. Wood is a classic choice and is easily stainable to give you what colors you and your family want.

Wood is Affordable

Despite its unique and favorable qualities, wood is one of the most affordable deck building materials available. The cost of your deck depends on customization, scale, and what type of wood you choose (wood can get expensive), but in general, medium grade materials and an average residential deck are affordable for most homeowners.

Wood Lasts Longer Than You Think

We’ve all seen our neighbor’s rotten wood deck, but old wooden decks that fall away over time are no issue if you choose a reputable decking contractor. Decking contractors use high-quality, weather-resistant lumber for decking, and will seal the wood with unique sealants to defend against weather and time. A well-built and properly maintained wood deck could last upwards of twenty to fifty years, depending on the wood installed and continued maintenance.

Wood is All-Weather

Wood can be found in all parts of the country, which means wood can be installed in all corners of the United States. Wood has been known to stand up to driving snow and rain, ice, even hail storms. If you’re worried about wood in an extreme environment, rest assured that a well-maintained deck can function anywhere.

Wood is Easy to Repair

Wood is affordable and easy to install, and it’s also easy to repair. Wood decks are strong, but poor sealing, wet leaves left on wood, or storms can create damage to your wood deck that needs to be repaired. Luckily wood is quick and easy to repair since in most cases you only need to cut the offending piece out a reinstall a matching replacement.

You Can Easily Customize Your Wood Deck

It’s not hard to make wood match whichever dimensions you’re wanting. Wood is easy to work with building material, so you can design the custom deck you’ve always wanted. You can deck in a certain pattern, add shelves, or play around with your railing. Other materials don’t afford you the flexibility that wood does.

Wood Ties into Natural Surroundings

Have you ever seen a gaudy plastic deck that stuck out like a children’s playground set in the middle of a beautiful neighborhood? Wood blends into natural surroundings much better than other artificial deck surfaces and lighting and can make it feel like your property sweeps right into the outdoors. No plastic or composite deck material will jump into the surrounding environment like wood can. For further inclusion, wood can be stained to match the natural tones of your surrounding property.

If you don’t want a wood deck after these seven reasons, it may be best for you not to get a deck at all. Wood decks carry many unique benefits including longevity and beauty that makes wood one of the most popular deck building materials on the market. If it’s time for your family to expand its living space with a deck – go for wood and give Centennial Custom Decks a call today to get started.